Final thought ?, Going once…. Going twice…

Drawing: Stephanielok (Deviant Art)

Few years ago I began to question the concepts that somewhat govern our lives, such as: faith, family, career, beliefs, marriage, power, etc. Similar to my skepticism about the “truth”, I realized that neither of these concepts has a concrete definition. Throughout human history, they have each suffered various definitions, values and manifestation. Then I said to myself, before I blindly submit to any teaching/doctrine, I will look at the subject in question throughout times and how we as humans handled it.

Take marriage for example. This practice started as a mean to bring together in-laws in able to expand family labor force (Penguin Books, 2006). Then at some point, it was accumulated by Kings as a sign of power. Fast forward to our current definition and practice of what most of us see now as the union between two or more people, based on love and companionship.

So one could argue, most of what we engage in now and our perception of those engagements have been different, are different and probably will be different tomorrow. Therefore, those beliefs that we feel so strongly about (those that most of us would probably kill for 🤦🏾‍♂️) should be looked at more closely. Because it seems as if, everything that affect our lives operate on an ever-changing basis.

I think if we start questioning, our beliefs, our perceptions and responses to most aspects of our lives, we could maybe, just maybe, improve our overall behavior and thought patterns.

So if you believe that your perceptions are based on concrete concepts , please enlighten me!


6 thoughts on “Final thought ?, Going once…. Going twice…

  1. I guess (maybe i am wrong) te perceptions about these things vary with every individual and it doesn’t depends on some concrete concepts but just what we believe more in.. and as you said there the example with marriage.. it just proves one statement. “Change is the only constant thing in this world” 😊

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