Welcome! 🙏🏾

Drawing credit: Favim

Hi there,

If you made it this far, thank you for sticking around. My intentions are solely to pick your thoughts, as you read my posts, and hopefully help you become more aware of your perceptions, stereotypes, beliefs, traditions, and daily interactions.

But most importantly, I am interested in learning from you. My philomathic approach to life is based on scripture, knowledge that can only be experienced, and the views of others. I strongly believe if most of us spent more time questioning what we know and being more critical about how we handle our daily interplays, we would be more tolerant, accepting, respectful of others and ourselves.

It is estimated that the human brain 🧠 ignites about 80,000 thoughts a day (wow), however, less than a quarter of those thoughts become real. A thought becomes reality based on how much attention we attach to it (Collier, N. 2013 “Why our thoughts are not real). With that much going on up there, one could definitely argue the reasons why most of us fail to acknowledge our thoughts. I’ve come to learn one think about mental growth, writing down thoughts and sharing/discussing them with others can be phenomenal. Therefore, expect to see opinions, questions, ideas 💡 about anything and everything.

Oh yeah, I forgot to formally introduce myself. I’m human and I call myself “Le Roi”. If you need to know more than that, then you should question your motives. 😁


3 thoughts on “Welcome! 🙏🏾

  1. You expect to see perceptions and opinions you’ll.
    Thank you for passing by my website. I am glad to meet a good learning soul around.

    Good wishes 💕✨

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