I hate you—ish.

You are the most deceptive You flaunt your ever-changing identity across borders Even your worth is inconsistent Who does that?

You claim that we’re both man-made You remind me, daily, how important we are both You maybe right, but let me reassure you that we are nothing alike I am the cause of a physiological phenomenon And you was created out of convenience😂 I am a strong believer of “respecting your elders” But you, 7000 + year old you, I have no respect for

Let’s be honest, literally, you’re worthless You couldn’t save yourself from burning Laying across a water-filled vessel

I will never understand why Others see you as inspiration/motivation Others equivalently measure you with time You fuel the fires of hate,jealousy, greed and power You have deprived others, for centuries, of their will to live “freely” How do you sleep at night?

But wait, am I an hypocrite? As much as I hate you, and trust me I do Why is it that most of daily encounters involves you ? Why is it that I think of you more then I should? Why do I allow you to inflict my life as such? I consider many “things” much more valuable than you……but yet, i tend to include you in most of my decisions 🤦🏾‍♂️ Could I possibly be mistaking? Could you possibly be what most claim you the be: “what makes the world 🌍 go round”.

Well don’t smile just yet buddy Cause if you are IT IS BY DEFAULT Although you’ve been positioned as “the doorway” to most life essentials I guarantee you my friend I would get a rid of you , in less than a heartbeat If this world was mine 💪🏾

Unfortunately, to you, I am nothing but a means to an end So please don’t take this personal Freedom of speech, right 😬 Now let me get back in line and continue to earn more of you kin.


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