Ears over hills for you

Kara McLeland 👆🏾👆🏾

How could I’ve been so stupid. You’ve noticed me and spoken to me so many times before, in my younger years. But the lack of maturity steered me towards eleven year old raspy, unskilled, home-bound girls.

How could I’ve been so stupid 🤦🏾‍♂️. I love older women; artistic figure, soothing voice women like yourself, I should’ve been drooling over you.

Now that I have you in my life, I am never letting you go. You hear me woman, neverrrrrr. How could I ?. I look forward to our daily intimate sessions: in the shower, in the car, at work (hopefully my boss don’t see this 😬). Even at family gatherings, we go at it as if no one is around. You keep my racing thoughts at bay, you ease my nights and pleasure me in ways that I never thought existed.

It’s a complicated relationship, I know. You whisper in the ears of others. I see how they express their love for you as well. You speak to others in foreign languages. Attend religious, educational, political, cultural, events. You’re the life of the party. In fact, wherever there’s food and alcohol, you’re most likely to be there. But hey, i don’t care. Because in the mist of all that, you still find time for me. You continue to make me feel special. In your presence, I feel no pain, I am unaware of time, death to background noise, and blind to bills 📬💳. So of course I am not jealous. How can I ? As much as you do, you still find time to vibrate my eardrums perfectly. And when I am unable to hear you or feel you, I comfortably hum your name. And that, makes me feel as if you are laying next me.

I vow to never forget you. I promise to listen whenever you speak. Although you’re 30 years older, I am certain that I will leave this planet 🌎 before you. Knowing that I will still be able to “hear” 👂🏾you on the other side, makes life so much sweeter on this side of town.

I love you my sweet “kompa” 🎵, and I am ears over hills for you.


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