đź—Ł It’s gonna take a miracle!

Illustration: Joseph Farris

To save humanity, it’s gonna take a miracle!

A miracle to feed every hunger and quench every thirst.

Moore than 1/2 of our food supplies come from 3 countries, and we waste 1/3 of what is produced. We could not, possibly, decentralize food production and practice conservativeness.

It’s gonna take a miracle

A miracle to put an end to war, and taking innocent lives.

We fight for ownership of natural resources, dominance and capital, in the name of being “# 1”. We could not, possibly, spend more đź’°towards healing the planet. Because being the most powerful on a dying planet is more important.

It’s gonna take a miracle

A miracle to cure the leading illnesses, seemingly unstoppable.

We spend more money towards the “cure” than addressing the “cause”. We could not, possibly, focus more on mental health, eating real food, accessible health care and reinforcing our “basic human rights”.

It’s gonna take a miracle

A miracle to get rid of those considered the cancers of our society : rapist, thief, murderers……. We could not, possibly, take account of the fact that neither of the aforementioned qualities are inherent in nature. Including those of us who manifest such acts, we are all products of our environment. We could not, possibly, provide therapy and foster healthier livelihoods; especially for those who are more susceptible.

It’s gonna take a miracle

A miracle to improve our perceptions and acceptance of others

We spend more time seeking approval/reinforcement to our often faulty stereotypes and biases. We could never, I mean never, attempt to engage in behaviors that promote kindness, mindfulness. Take the time to see and learn that those “differences” that we focus so much on, are all man made.

What? Preposterous, we could never achieve such accomplishments. We need to keep “praying”, and “have faith”.

Because to save humanity….

đź—Ł It’s gonna take a miracle!


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