🗣 It’s gonna take a miracle!

Illustration: Joseph Farris

To save humanity, it’s gonna take a miracle!

A miracle to feed every hunger and quench every thirst.

Moore than 1/2 of our food supplies come from 3 countries, and we waste 1/3 of what is produced. We could not, possibly, decentralize food production and practice conservativeness.

It’s gonna take a miracle

A miracle to put an end to war, and taking innocent lives.

We fight for ownership of natural resources, dominance and capital, in the name of being “# 1”. We could not, possibly, spend more 💰towards healing the planet. Because being the most powerful on a dying planet is more important.

It’s gonna take a miracle

A miracle to cure the leading illnesses, seemingly unstoppable.

We spend more money towards the “cure” than addressing the “cause”. We could not, possibly, focus more on mental health, eating real food, accessible health care and reinforcing our “basic human rights”.

It’s gonna take a miracle

A miracle to get rid of those considered the cancers of our society : rapist, thief, murderers……. We could not, possibly, take account of the fact that neither of the aforementioned qualities are inherent in nature. Including those of us who manifest such acts, we are all products of our environment. We could not, possibly, provide therapy and foster healthier livelihoods; especially for those who are more susceptible.

It’s gonna take a miracle

A miracle to improve our perceptions and acceptance of others

We spend more time seeking approval/reinforcement to our often faulty stereotypes and biases. We could never, I mean never, attempt to engage in behaviors that promote kindness, mindfulness. Take the time to see and learn that those “differences” that we focus so much on, are all man made.

What? Preposterous, we could never achieve such accomplishments. We need to keep “praying”, and “have faith”.

Because to save humanity….

🗣 It’s gonna take a miracle!


Ears over hills for you

Kara McLeland 👆🏾👆🏾

How could I’ve been so stupid. You’ve noticed me and spoken to me so many times before, in my younger years. But the lack of maturity steered me towards eleven year old raspy, unskilled, home-bound girls.

How could I’ve been so stupid 🤦🏾‍♂️. I love older women; artistic figure, soothing voice women like yourself, I should’ve been drooling over you.

Now that I have you in my life, I am never letting you go. You hear me woman, neverrrrrr. How could I ?. I look forward to our daily intimate sessions: in the shower, in the car, at work (hopefully my boss don’t see this 😬). Even at family gatherings, we go at it as if no one is around. You keep my racing thoughts at bay, you ease my nights and pleasure me in ways that I never thought existed.

It’s a complicated relationship, I know. You whisper in the ears of others. I see how they express their love for you as well. You speak to others in foreign languages. Attend religious, educational, political, cultural, events. You’re the life of the party. In fact, wherever there’s food and alcohol, you’re most likely to be there. But hey, i don’t care. Because in the mist of all that, you still find time for me. You continue to make me feel special. In your presence, I feel no pain, I am unaware of time, death to background noise, and blind to bills 📬💳. So of course I am not jealous. How can I ? As much as you do, you still find time to vibrate my eardrums perfectly. And when I am unable to hear you or feel you, I comfortably hum your name. And that, makes me feel as if you are laying next me.

I vow to never forget you. I promise to listen whenever you speak. Although you’re 30 years older, I am certain that I will leave this planet 🌎 before you. Knowing that I will still be able to “hear” 👂🏾you on the other side, makes life so much sweeter on this side of town.

I love you my sweet “kompa” 🎵, and I am ears over hills for you.

I hate you—ish.

You are the most deceptive You flaunt your ever-changing identity across borders Even your worth is inconsistent Who does that?

You claim that we’re both man-made You remind me, daily, how important we are both You maybe right, but let me reassure you that we are nothing alike I am the cause of a physiological phenomenon And you was created out of convenience😂 I am a strong believer of “respecting your elders” But you, 7000 + year old you, I have no respect for

Let’s be honest, literally, you’re worthless You couldn’t save yourself from burning Laying across a water-filled vessel

I will never understand why Others see you as inspiration/motivation Others equivalently measure you with time You fuel the fires of hate,jealousy, greed and power You have deprived others, for centuries, of their will to live “freely” How do you sleep at night?

But wait, am I an hypocrite? As much as I hate you, and trust me I do Why is it that most of daily encounters involves you ? Why is it that I think of you more then I should? Why do I allow you to inflict my life as such? I consider many “things” much more valuable than you……but yet, i tend to include you in most of my decisions 🤦🏾‍♂️ Could I possibly be mistaking? Could you possibly be what most claim you the be: “what makes the world 🌍 go round”.

Well don’t smile just yet buddy Cause if you are IT IS BY DEFAULT Although you’ve been positioned as “the doorway” to most life essentials I guarantee you my friend I would get a rid of you , in less than a heartbeat If this world was mine 💪🏾

Unfortunately, to you, I am nothing but a means to an end So please don’t take this personal Freedom of speech, right 😬 Now let me get back in line and continue to earn more of you kin.

Sunshine-Blogger Award!

I would like to thank my Mom……….(music starts playing) 😂

Hello All 👋🏾,

I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award, by the ever so kind K. Alice Compeau @ http://kalicecompeau.com. I would like to take this moment and say thank you 🙏🏾 😊; as a new blogger, I only hope that my posts resonate with at least one reader.

The Rules:

• Thank the blogger who nominated you.✅

• Answer 11 questions the blogger asked you. ✅

•Nominate new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions. ✅

•List rules and display the sunshine blogger award in your post or on your blog. 🤔

• Notify the nominees about it by commenting on one of their blog posts. ✅

Questions from K. Alice:

1- What is your favorite book?

– The best book I’ve read, “The Art of Happiness” by Dalai Lama & Howard C. Cutler

2- What do you think makes a good story?

– A story teller’s abilities to deliver a “good story”

3- Dogs 🐕 or Cats 🐈?

– I love them all, no preference.

4- Savory or Sweet?

– Savory

5- Beaches or Forest?

– Forest, although I have not had the opportunity of visiting one….yet.

6- If you could go anywhere in the world🌎 , where would you go?

– The absolute center of the North or South Pole, to test the “Hollow Earth” theory myself. Admiral Richard E. Byrd smiling in his grave right now 😂🤦🏾‍♂️.

7-How do you like to relax?

– Physically: Reclined, Quiet environment with a book. Mentally: Reclined, Quiet environment, listening to music/watching a documentary.

8- What inspires you?

Mental growth, physical and mental independence, seeing my wife smile, still working on the rest….

9- Are you a morning person or night Owl🦉?

– I go to bed late and wake up early, and I like to think that I am the same person during both times . So mmmmmmm I’m not sure 🤔 💭

10- Have ever broken a bone?

– Yes, my collarbone. It hurts like hell 😩

11- What’s your biggest fear?

– Being controlled mentally, & drowning ( working slowly on overcoming the second one)

I nominate:

– Xylah Bean, http://almostexactly you.com

-Betul Erbasi, http://betulerbasi.com


Final thought ?, Going once…. Going twice…

Drawing: Stephanielok (Deviant Art)

Few years ago I began to question the concepts that somewhat govern our lives, such as: faith, family, career, beliefs, marriage, power, etc. Similar to my skepticism about the “truth”, I realized that neither of these concepts has a concrete definition. Throughout human history, they have each suffered various definitions, values and manifestation. Then I said to myself, before I blindly submit to any teaching/doctrine, I will look at the subject in question throughout times and how we as humans handled it.

Take marriage for example. This practice started as a mean to bring together in-laws in able to expand family labor force (Penguin Books, 2006). Then at some point, it was accumulated by Kings as a sign of power. Fast forward to our current definition and practice of what most of us see now as the union between two or more people, based on love and companionship.

So one could argue, most of what we engage in now and our perception of those engagements have been different, are different and probably will be different tomorrow. Therefore, those beliefs that we feel so strongly about (those that most of us would probably kill for 🤦🏾‍♂️) should be looked at more closely. Because it seems as if, everything that affect our lives operate on an ever-changing basis.

I think if we start questioning, our beliefs, our perceptions and responses to most aspects of our lives, we could maybe, just maybe, improve our overall behavior and thought patterns.

So if you believe that your perceptions are based on concrete concepts , please enlighten me!

“Self”? 💭

Book by: Mark R. Leary 👆🏾

When you think of self, what comes to mind? Your uniqueness, your smile, your sense of style, your abilities, your secrets, or maybe your DNA strands.

Most of us rarely think about others or the environment, when we think of self. After all it is “self” right, not others 😁. We don’t often think about the impact of our everyday encounters on our sense of self; as we navigate through the aspects of our lives: economic, education, labor, law, politics, entertainment, religion, sex and our mental and emotional processes. Every thought, every overt behavior, stem from our perception of what we filter in, through the senses. From our name, down to this idea of “self” we refer to, in attempt to distinguish ourselves from the rest. We may not constantly think about the influences that led to our educational and career path, our sexual orientation, etc. But we certainly can argue that those decisions are being influenced continuously.

Webster defines “self” as a person’s essential being, what distinguishes that person from others.

If we think about the distinguishing entities often used to define our “self”, what separate us apart, those elements are institutional-based classifications; name, age, body type, identification cards; down to the more intimate items, such as hobbies, preferences and personalities. All of these units are labeled/categorized by others, influenced by others, but most importantly found in others. Even down to one’s soul, which is often argued as a unique entity to one’s self, but isn’t really unique. The theory started in Greek methodology, and have since suffered various interpretations.

I am not arguing against our ability to process our own thoughts and make our own decisions, I simply believe that the differences between “self” and others are time and choices. Most of us go through life defining ourselves through similar aspects, but we live through these aspects in different times and we choose different paths. Without forgetting that we steer through these aspects based on the same life sustaining essentials: air, water, food, shelter , and human interaction.

So before we get lost in our egocentric ideas, let’s remember the words of Suzy Kassem: “One but many”

If you feel that your social class, education, wealth, beliefs, abundance or lack of melanin makes you significantly different from the rest of us, and it somehow defines your sense of “self”. Most importantly, if you believe that your sense of self makes you significantly better than us, then please enlighten me!

Welcome! 🙏🏾

Drawing credit: Favim

Hi there,

If you made it this far, thank you for sticking around. My intentions are solely to pick your thoughts, as you read my posts, and hopefully help you become more aware of your perceptions, stereotypes, beliefs, traditions, and daily interactions.

But most importantly, I am interested in learning from you. My philomathic approach to life is based on scripture, knowledge that can only be experienced, and the views of others. I strongly believe if most of us spent more time questioning what we know and being more critical about how we handle our daily interplays, we would be more tolerant, accepting, respectful of others and ourselves.

It is estimated that the human brain 🧠 ignites about 80,000 thoughts a day (wow), however, less than a quarter of those thoughts become real. A thought becomes reality based on how much attention we attach to it (Collier, N. 2013 “Why our thoughts are not real). With that much going on up there, one could definitely argue the reasons why most of us fail to acknowledge our thoughts. I’ve come to learn one think about mental growth, writing down thoughts and sharing/discussing them with others can be phenomenal. Therefore, expect to see opinions, questions, ideas 💡 about anything and everything.

Oh yeah, I forgot to formally introduce myself. I’m human and I call myself “Le Roi”. If you need to know more than that, then you should question your motives. 😁